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Armed Security Guards Your Best Defense

You may already have top-of-the-line alarm systems and monitoring services to protect your business, property and personnel. Although these security measures are important to any powerful security program, they are often not enough. With the huge number of particular incidents that we face today, business owners need to consider all of their security options. Armed security guards are one of the most effective means of securing your valuable assets and protecting what is most important to you. Our guard’s presence can give you peace of mind, knowing that there is an added layer of protection. Investing in armed security guards can make all the difference in keeping your business safe.

Expert and Experienced Guards

Active Global Protection (AGP) providing the country’s best armed security guards across a wide range of industries for over 25 years. Our armed guards represent the best in the field, it comes to private security for events, executives and VIPs, residential communities, private parties and workplaces. Our clients can feel confident that they are getting the best in personal security protection available.

Customized Security Solutions for Your Needs

Whether you require short-term security for a one-time event, multi-month security detail for a construction project or a long-term security relationship for your property, our guards will partner with you to exceed your security goals. Our armed security guards are known to be professional, highly competent and effective.

You should consider an armed security guards if your business:

Why Your Business Needs Armed Security Guards

Many critical benefits to having an armed security presence for your business, the primary roles of an armed guard are to prevent possible crime and to actively respond to immediate risks. Our armed guards know how to handle a variety of situations with the protection of your people and your property as their number one priority. In general, the presence of an armed security guards who has a weapon will control possible risks from making dangerous threats or engaging in criminal behavior on your property. Armed guards provide a level of safety that is second to none.
Our guards know exactly how to deal with the crime, using their specialized training and knowledge to act quickly and exactly. Not only are armed guards highly trained in the use of weapons and firearms, but they also trained in conflict resolution and other technical strategies.

What Kinds of Threats Does Your Business Face?

Your business may face various threats, including theft, destruction, and high risks. If you’re at a higher risk of being targeted by criminals due to valuable assets or private operations, armed security guards provide a secure and quick response capability. Their presence can effectively control risks and safeguard your business, employees, and customers from high risks and financial losses.

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