Unarmed Security Service

What Do Unarmed Security Guards Do?

Unarmed security guards monitor a person or location, such as a retail store, a concert hall, or an office building. Their duties include crime prevention, monitoring surveillance videos, investigating doubtful activity, and reporting to a police officer if needed. The day-to-day work of a security guard depends on their role. A retail security guard’s goal is crime prevention and video monitoring, while a security guard at a concert hall may check bags for illegal devices. All unarmed security guards must be alert and professional. Public or customers will go to guards with concerns or questions, so excellent communication skills are also needed. Additionally, unarmed security guards quickly report doubtful activities and security breaches to authorities.

Why Unarmed Security Guards?

The typical benefits of an unarmed security guard as part of site safety programs include:

Visible Determent

Regardless of whether you choose armed or unarmed security guards, or have other security systems in place, the sight of a professional, uniformed security officer goes a long way toward creating a safe and secure environment for your property and personnel.


We educate our unarmed security guards to use communication skills and verbal de-escalation techniques whenever possible to minimize the risk of injury to personnel. In an era of escalating threat of crisis, effective security guard services must include this critical skill.

Best Unarmed Security Guard Services in California

Why Choose Active Global Protection (AGP) for Unarmed Security Guard Services?

If you are looking for an unarmed security guard in California, then Active Global Protection is the right choice for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation.


Some clients may wish for a static guard to monitor specific locations, others may benefit from having their security officers conduct routine foot patrols. This is especially beneficial for clients with large or complex properties, where our officers can check for trespassers, monitor for safety situations and increase the scope of visible deterrence.


Our guards are trained to perform access control or allowing the right people onto the property – and keeping the wrong ones out. As part of our comprehensive security services, guards can screen visitors, conduct personnel checks and verify that access points are kept secure.

How Unarmed Security Can Benefit Your Business

Unarmed security persons do not carry a weapon but may have protective elements like a baton or pepper spray. All unarmed security guards also undergo extensive training to quickly and safely resolve emergencies in your business.

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