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With our proven track record of excellence, you can rest assured that you're in good hands with Active Global Protection.

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"Take a look at our extensive selection of services, each carefully designed to meet your specific needs
and enhance your experience!"

Unarmed Security Services

Protecting Your Assets, Safeguarding Your Peace: Choose Us for Unarmed Security Services You Can

Armed Security Services

Strength, Skill, and Service: Experience the Difference with Our Premier Armed Security Solutions

Fire Watch Security

Fire Watch Services

From Risk Assessment to Fire Prevention: Partner with Us for Dedicated Fire Watch Services You Can Trust

Mobile patrol services

Patrol Vehicle Services​

Our patrol vehicle services ensure your property is secure and monitored around the clock.

Executive protection services

Executive Protection Services

Our executive protection services guarantee safety and peace of mind for high-profile individuals.

Special Event Services​

Our special event services provide seamless security for a worry-free and successful event.

Why choose us?

Choose us for top-notch security solutions tailored to your specific needs, backed by expertise, reliability, and a track record of excellence.








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About Us

Active Global Protection is a renowned private security firm based in California, with a proven track record of excellence. We take pride in offering tailored security solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of our clients and provide peace of mind. Our highly trained security personnel undergo rigorous background checks, including criminal records and fingerprinting, and receive ongoing training to ensure they are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and techniques. Whether you require armed or unarmed security guards, or need vigilant surveillance for your business or residence, you can trust our team of dedicated professionals to deliver the highest level of security services.

Our Partners

Explore the strength of our collaborations with industry leaders and trusted allies. Together, we fortify security solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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As a leading security company, we offer professional security services in these areas to ensure the safety and protection of our clients and their assets.

Los Angeles

Long Beach


San Diego


San Jose

San Francisco










Our Expert Guards

Standing Firm, Keeping Watch
Meet the Backbone of Our Security Force - Our Expert Guards

Unarmed Guard

Armed Guards

Firewatch Guard

Traffic Control Officer

There is 1500+ Employee professional in company can help you customize a home security system to your safety needs

There is 1500+ Employee professional in company can help you customize a home security system to your safety needs

What Makes Us Different
From Others

At Active Global Protection, we understand the importance of providing immediate and effective
security solutions during these unprecedented times.

Skilled and Qualified
On Site Security Officers

Insured, & Bonded

Cost Effective and
Dependable Solutions

Always On Time & Punctual

24/7 Customer Service
Dispatch Available

Well Trained and Certified

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