Professional Security Guard & Patrol Services Company in CA

Professional Security Guard & Patrol Services Company

In this Dangerous Era, security has become necessary for every single person. Additionally, the significance of guaranteeing the safety and security of your premises cannot be ignored. To address this issue, Active Global Protection Company gives cheap Security Guard Services. As a result, everyone can live safely. Furthermore, we provide good security with both armed and unarmed guards, and more services like that. Moreover, our guards are well-trained to do different tasks to keep security strong.

Emerging require of Trained Security Guards

The security industry continuously evolves due to new threats and heightened safety awareness. Businesses, communities, and event organizers are prioritizing strong security measures to protect their assets, employees and residents. Hiring skilled security guards and conducting regular patrols are essential for deterring potential criminals and ensuring a safe environment.

Why select our Security Services?​

1- Master and Prepared Guards

Additionally, our security work force is the spine of our administration. Moreover, we prioritize contracting experienced and exceedingly prepared watchers who are well-versed in the most recent security protocols. Furthermore, they undergo thorough background checks and continuous training to handle different security challenges efficiently. In addition, our guards are equipped with the necessary skills to manage situations ranging from routine surveillance to emergency responses.

2- 24/7 Safety and Protection

We get it that security needs are not kept to particular hours. In this manner, we offer round-the-clock observation and assurance administration. Furthermore, our Security Guards are prepared with progressive innovation to screen and secure your premises at all times, guaranteeing peace of intellect. Whether it’s late-night security checks or early morning guards, our group is continuously on alert.

3- Natural Awareness

Additionally, our security operations incorporate eco-friendly phones. From utilizing electric watch vehicles to actualizing energy-efficient observation frameworks, we are committed to diminishing our natural impression while guaranteeing top-notch security services.

4- Adaptability and Scalability

Additionally, our Security firm offers adaptable and versatile security arrangements that can adjust to your changing needs. Whether you require extra security guards for a huge occasion or improved security measures at particular times, we can alter our needs to meet your needs seamlessly.

5- Emergency Administration and Crisis Response

Consequently, during a crisis, our Guards are prepared to handle emergencies effectively. Moreover, they know how to manage evacuations, coordinate first responses and control crowds. Ultimately, their quick and calm actions during emergencies can greatly reduce the impact of serious incidents.

6- Cost-Effective Solutions

Furthermore, while giving high-quality security administration, we moreover guarantee that our arrangements are cost-effective. Our objective is to offer value-driven administration that meets your budget limitations without compromising on the level of security provided.

7- Solid Client Benefit Orientation

Our Security Guards are prepared to be congenial and accommodating, upgrading the generally encounter for your guests and representatives. Additionally, they serve as envoys for your organization, giving help and guaranteeing a inviting and secure environment.

8- Strong Communication and Reporting

Effective communication is important for security operations. Our watches are prepared with the most recent communication devices to remain in steady contact with our central checking group and with each other. Also, we give typewritten occurrence reports and normal overhauls to keep you educated about the security status of your premises.

Services our Security Guard firm provides

  1. Armed Security Services
  2. Unarmed Security Services
  3. Mobile Patrol Services
  4. Vehicle Patrol Services
  5. Security Patrol Services
  6. Event Security Services
  7. Residential Security Services
  8. Corporate Security Services
  9. Apartment Services
  10. HOA Security Services
  11. Retail Security Services
  12. Industrial and Construction Site Security
  13. Executive Protection Services
  14. Bar & Restaurant Security Services
  15. Warehouse Security Services
  16. 24/7 Dispatchers
  17. Hotel Security Services
  18. Maritime Security Services
  19. Campus Security Services
  20. Bank Security Services
  21. Loss Prevention Services
  22. Data Center Security Services
  23. Fire Watch Services
  24. Special Event Services
Security Guard Appearance

Security Guard Appearance

We unequivocally accept that the appearance of Security Protection is one of the most vital angles of the Security industry. The Security Guard is a representation of our company, and, of course, the client’s area. We investigate which uniform appearance best fits our client’s area and that it is in conjunction with all security concerns. We moreover offer our clients the choice of an assortment of uniform appearances counting, but not restricted to:

  • Standard Guard Appearance:

This is our standard, seen by default, as appears in the adjoining photo. A standard company uniform shirt with company patches, obligation belt and a company cap. This incorporates dark pants, dark shoes and a company badge.

  • Professional Appearance:

A tie, vest or jacket with a long sleeve standard company uniform shirt. This incorporates dark pants, dark shoes and a company badge.

  • Casual Appearance:

This security guard is most well-known on occasions. A polo shirt with company patches and/or “Security” put on the back. This incorporates dark pants and dark shoes. All company shirts are in dark, naval brigade blue or white.

  • Construction Appearance:

This sea is most well-known for development locales. A development vest over our standard company uniform shirt with company patches, obligation belt and a difficult cap. This incorporates dark pants, dark shoes and a company badge.

How to get locked in with our Security Services

1- Contact Us

Reach out to us at (800) 747-9069 to plan a meeting. Our group is prepared to talk about your security needs and give recommendations.

2- Location Assessment

We conduct an exhaustive location appraisal to distinguish potential vulnerabilities and create a customized security arrangement. This evaluation guarantees that our arrangements are customs fitted to your particular requirements.

3- Implementation

Once the security guard arrangement is finalized, we execute the vital measures, counting conveying prepared guards, introducing observation frameworks, and setting up get to control solutions. 

4- Continuous Support

Our commitment to your security proceeds with progressing back and normal surveys. Additionally, we guarantee that your security measures are compelling and adjust to any changes in your needs.

What Makes Active Global Protection Different From Others

At Active Global Protection, we recognize the critical need for prompt and effective security solutions by providing security guards, especially during these challenging times.
  • Skilled and Qualified On-Site Officers
  • Cost-Effective and Dependable Solutions
  • 24/7 Customer Service Dispatch available 
  • Licensed, Insured and Bonded
  • Always On Time and Punctual
  • Well Trained and Certified by BSIS  

Areas Active Guard Protection Proudly Serve

  • Los Angeles
  • Long Beach
  • Orange
  • San Diego
  • Riverside
  • San Jose
  • San Francisco
  • Fresno
  • Sacramento
  • Okland
  • Bakersfield
  • Anaheim
  • Irvine
  • Fremont